Fire Suppression Sytem

Fire Suppression Sytem

Fire Suppression Sytem

The Fire Suppression system have become a necessity to several industrial as they help prevent and control damage and loss to equipment with various application (Earthmoving Equipment, Power Generators, Fixed Plant, Conveyor, Material Handling Equipment, Marine Vessels).

The ETI Fire Supression system present to the market with an ideal option to provide an ultimate protection againt fire for your capital invesment.

You can select a number of option on the detection agents:

  • Dual Actuantion System
  • ROP System
  • LOP System
  • Fire Wire System

The Only Brand and System that come with full attrivutes, in the form of ETI design software along with risk assesment application, AS5062 complication and supported by NATA, KAN, NFPA, APLAC.